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Heroine Pinch Special Jinjyugar: Destruction Operation Vol.1

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The evil organization Exect launches a plan to destroy Jinjyugar! Jin Bunny is cornered in a fierce battle with Antians who appear one after another and finds herself in a pinch. However, what appeared there was Jin Swan. With her strong support, Jin Bunny was able to temporarily get out of the pinch. However, it was Exe Mantis who appeared on the stage of battle again. The power of evil is increasing, and Jin Bunny and Jin Swan are once again cornered. Jincat rushed to the critical situation. With the combined strength of the three of them, they were able to temporarily gain the upper hand. However, the newly appearing Exe Hornet puts the heroines of justice in a pinch once again. Jin Swan was seriously injured and she had no choice but to retreat from the front. Jin Bunny and Jin Cat decided to stand up against the forces of evil without abandoning their injured friends. Jin Bunny and Jin Cat join forces to engage in a fierce battle against Exect. Meanwhile, Exect’s executive officer Scorpaida appears before the injured Jin Swan, putting her in a desperate situation. Will the heroines of justice be able to save their friends and overcome the evil organization? (To Be Continued…)


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