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Jinjyugar: Devastation?! Jinjyugar’s Biggest Pinch Vol.1

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Jinjyugar and the others seemed to have repelled the invasion of ”Exect”, insects that suddenly evolved due to the explosion of an exploration satellite. However, Scorpaida and Croachpeade, who temporarily retreated, regained their positions and lured the three female members of Jinjyugar, who were missing Wolf and Kong! Jin Bunny, Jin Cat, and Jin Swan continue to dominate the battle even when they are at a numerical disadvantage. However, Exect, who had installed nanomachines that disrupted their super genes in the previous battle, activates them and overwhelms the girls who can’t fight well! Bunny is blamed by the combatants Antian and the others, Swan is toyed by Scorpaida, and Cat is played by Croachepeade, and each of them is in a desperate situation… Swan and Cat are confused by the first stimulation, their bodies are soiled and they repeatedly reach humiliating orgasms! And Bunny on the other hand… (To be continued…)


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