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Shield Five: Vol.2 -3 Evil Gods Arrival! Violent Hard Attack

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Shield Pink/Miyuki Momose defeats Atsumerun in the worst possible situation, but a new formidable enemy appears before she can take a breather! Those were the three cruel demons! The three demons dare to transform Miyuki into Shield Pink and force her into defeat with a powerful explosive attack! Shield Pink, whose reinforced suit has been destroyed, is faced with humiliating subjugation and sexual blame! Miyuki Momose, who has learned about the orgasms of women, intends to hold back and maintain her pride as a warrior so that her enemies will not notice her climax. Still, the pleasure of a woman rising from her aching womb overwhelms her mind and body as a warrior. She collapsed and suffered in an orgasmic hell while her body convulsed! And the time for Shield Pink/Miyuki Momose’s execution approaches…! [BAD ENDING]


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