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Ryuseijer: Star Destroying Army Eclipse Special Vol.2

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Blue and Pink are defeated by Eclipse, a group of invading demons whose combat power exceeds that of those who stole the ship of the Black Hole remnants, They are captured and subjected to humiliating training to extract platinum juice. However, no matter how much they fall into the depths of despair, they never give up, and by using the properties of platinum juice, they manage to escape and return to Earth. However, the plant monster Datura and the ameba monster Blob are ahead of the curve and attack them! Amid a fierce battle, all five Ryusagers reunited again! Victory was just around the corner, but Red lost his life to a blow from Genista, the commander who suddenly appeared. Then, Blob absorbs Yellow and Green, and now Blue and Pink are left alone, desperate for defeat! The two are captured again and undergo intense and insidious training from Genista… [BAD ENDING]


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