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Ryuseijer: Star Destroying Army Eclipse Special Vol.1

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After a fierce battle, Ryuseijer has defeated the dark ship clan Black Hole, and a new formidable enemy attacks! Genista of Eclipse, a group of invading demons who stole the ship of the Black Hole remnants, learns from the data on her ship that the planet Marina has been destroyed and that the surviving woman of Marina, who produces the phantom platinum juice, is on Earth. Ryusei Blue and Ryusei Pink find themselves in a pinch due to Eclipse’s attack, but they manage to repel the enemy by joining their colleagues. However, Genista divides the male members, Blue and Pink, and sends out the plant monster Datura and the amoeba monster Blob! Pink’s energy is dissolved by Blob’s slime, and Blue’s mind and body are toyed with by Datura’s pollen! Will they be able to defeat Eclipse? Ryuseiger’s new battle for platinum juice begins! (To be continued to the Vol.2)


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