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Handsome Boy Hero Servantization Plan: Older Female Red’s Pantyhose Fetish Temptation

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Red, Mika, the female leader of the Three Rangers, has a severe fetish for pantyhose and always wears them, and has a distorted desire for the youngest member, Blue, Touma. On the other hand, Touma is concerned about Pink’s bare legs, and he has a dislike for red, the ”pantyhose lady”. One day, Red masturbates through her pantyhose while watching Blue change clothes while secretly filming the changing room. However, what I heard was Blue’s dissatisfaction with Red and criticism of pantyhose. Enraged, Red masturbates while sniffing Blue’s briefs and combat uniform in the locker room, and devises a terrible plan to teach Blue the pleasure of pantyhose…Red captures Blue and gives him her panties. Make him wear pantyhose, imprint the good feel of it, and stimulate her genitals through the pantyhose, leading him to ascension! Since then, Blue has been unable to get pantyhose out of his mind…[BAD ENDING]


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