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Shizuka Mikage, the black-dressed warrior Sailor Phantom, absorbs the energy of defeated monsters with the crystal in her chest and converts it into her energy. However, by some chance, she drops her transformation item and despite her resistance, falls prey to a pervert…The pervert is a monster in disguise! She managed to get the items back, defeat the low-class monster disguised as a pervert, and absorb the energy! Then, her body heats up and she can’t take her eyes off the Night Empire’s executive Phedra who suddenly appears! The energy she absorbed was that of a lower-class monster who had smelled the pheromones released by Phedra, and Sailor Phantom took it into her body! Even during her fight, Sailor Phantom keeps sniffing Phedra’s pheromones and gropes her body while she writhes… Will she be able to escape from this pheromone hell? [BAD ENDING]


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