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One of the Sailor Warriors, Alice Mizuno, also known as Sailor Aquas, is an intelligent and talented girl. One day, Sailor Aquas senses the presence of a demon and chases after it alone! The demon general Zol-ark and the demon Tentakler appear on the way…Sailor Aquas puts up a good fight but gets caught in the gap and is preyed upon by Tentakler. Sailor Aquas is blamed for Tentakler’s magical, slimy tentacles and barely escapes by unleashing a forbidden power! Sailor Aquas confronts Zol-ark and Tentakler again but is unable to use her power due to the deadly poison from the tentacle’s mucus. Resisting in vain, she is sexually blamed by Zol-ark. Sailor Aquas, who had climaxed many times and was dazed, was once again preyed upon by Tentakler and crucified by the tentacles so that she could never escape again. Unable to move, Sailor Aquas begins to drown in pleasure as she is blamed by the stringy slime and tentacles, and is enveloped by the slimy cross tentacles, causing her to scream in agony and die. [BAD ENDING]


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