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Heroine Pinch S Jyuukaizar ZERO: The Another Kaijyuu Warrior [Vol.1]

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Jyuu Pink/Sora Rando wants to gain more experience and become stronger to fight against the Machine Empire Sharmashiena, so she ignores the restraints of her commander Garukibas, and runs ahead alone. Before Sora, who has no combat experience and is in a predicament, a light blue warrior called Jyuu Cyan/Ranka Ogiyasu, appears with the Kaiju ”Griforce”’ as her partner. She was secretly hunting Sharmashiena on her own, apart from the Jyuukaizar and the others. Sora is impressed by Ranka’s perfect fighting style and calls out to her. However, Ranka, who loves solitude, has a cold attitude toward Sora. At that time, Sharmashiena’s executive officer, Sylindark, sends a machine called ”Gernoid Type 16’’ that has been modified to fight against Jyuu Cyan. Ranka, who was a little conceited after winning consecutive battles against Sharmashiena, was quickly cornered by the overwhelming power of Gernoid Type 16, which was an order of magnitude stronger than before…! [BAD ENDING]


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