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Mystic Blue/Karina Madera was a member of the Mystic Rangers, fighting the evil demon tribe Hadesion. Then one day, the evil executive Borno launches a terrifying plan. They wanted to isolate Mystic Blue and blame her with three monsters with special abilities! First, the monster Gorg’s monstrous strength thoroughly hurts her, then she got untransformed, and then she is hurt even more. Next, the monster Boiz’s poison needle attack weakens and hurts her. Then, the transformation is released and the poisonous spider attacked her! In the punishment room, Chibir and Borno worked together to blame her sensitive areas, and the tentacle monster Shokra finished the job by hurting her with his tentacles and sucking her energy, causing her transformation to be lifted. And Chibir and Borno were left to continue their humiliating blaming…[BAD ENDING]


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