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Sailor Aquas: Nightmare of the Wedding Night! The Virgin Wife Becomes a Warrior Again!

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Sailor Aquas defeated the demon king Gante, who was trying to destroy mankind, after a fierce battle to the death. The earth had regained its peace, and Sailor Aquas had sealed her transformation and was living a normal life as a woman, Shiori Mizuki. Five years later… Shiori also has a loved one, Makoto Shindo, and they decide to get married. They were supposed to lead a happy life. But someone was waiting for that moment. They were Elsa, wife of the demon king Gante, and his daughter Isabella. They were waiting for Sailor Aquas to get married so that Aquas could experience the same suffering they did. When Makoto is kidnapped, Shiori breaks the seal and transforms into Sailor Aquas to enter enemy territory. However, Sailor Aquas is unable to resist because of the hostages, and she is blamed and sucked by Erza and her daughter. Can Sailor Aquas save Makoto and defeat Erza and Isabella? [BAD ENDING]


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