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Sairyujer: The Death Mask and Ameba Mask Special

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The good friend duo Green/Ruka and Pink/Kayo of Sairyujer knocked off the Death Geron and were very active today! After a series of failures, Death Geron executive Rozull, along with new assassins Death Mask and Ameba Mask, attack Green and Pink, splitting them up to eliminate the ”sparkle” that is the source of the Sairyujer’s power! Green is taken away by Death mask, and her body is manipulated with hypnotic rays, causing her to squirt under sexual stimulation while dressed in embarrassing clothes! Pink, on the other hand, becomes sticky all over from the Ameba mask’s mucus attack and loses her luster! Ruka, cursed by Death Mask, calls out to Kayo and attacks her, and two more masked monsters made Green covered in mucus…The two captives are sexually toyed by Rozul, and instead of their lost glow, they are pumped into their bodies with evil Death Geron energy! The two eventually find themselves in the biggest pinch of all then…! [BAD ENDING]


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