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Heroine Cuckold: Wonder Lady, Video Letter of the Defeat

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College student Elena enjoys spending her days with her boyfriend Kazuya while fighting evil as the female warrior Wonder Lady. One day, Titus, the leader of the evil secret society Gigantes, plans to take Wonder Lady for his own and kidnaps her boyfriend Kazuya, attacked him, and showed to Wonder Lady. Wonder Lady, who swears in her heart that she will never forgive Titus, challenges him but is no match for him. Finally, she was defeated then Titus played with her body. A few days later, Kazuya waits for Elena’s return and receives a video message from her. Kazuya, it’s been a long time! Have you recovered from your injury yet? I’m sure you’re worried about me not coming home since I’m Kazuya. But don’t worry anymore! …Because I’m now a member of Gigantes!” [BAD ENDING]


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