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Jyuukaizar Spinn-off: Enjealousy’s Hero Corruption -Enjealousy VS Larjula!?

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The mechanic empire Sharmashiena descended to Earth to invade the planet. However, many warriors on Earth kept the peace. Deciding that they would be an obstacle to the invasion, Sharmashiena sends a female executive, Enjealousy, to seduce and captivate the righteous warriors in no time with her demonic beauty. At the same time, Larjula, the female executive of the Ultimate Absolute Life Empire, Gigageedes, also appeared, and the two sides began an intertwined campaign to conquer the earth. Will the righteous warriors be able to overcome Enjealousy and Larjula and overcome this crisis? [Female executive’s HAPPY ENDING]


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