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Super Heroine Domination Hell56 Bird Fighter: Mio the White Crane

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After the Titan Project to revive the Titans that once destroyed the earth was destroyed by the Bird Fighter, Othelloat, the leader of the secret society Spacer, created monsters from the mouth, hands, and hair parts of the remaining Titans and sent them to Mio the White Crane! Mouth to bite! Hair that tightens! The hand that slaps! Mio is outnumbered by 3 monsters, each of which attacks with its characteristics. She never gives up the fight, even though she is battered and bruised by the 3 that outnumber her no matter how she maneuvers. Finally, the hand monster becomes a giant hand and constricts Mio’s body! While capturing this on video, Othelloat demanded an apology from Mio. Can Mio, who has a strong and unbreakable heart, break through this situation and destroy Spaser? [BAD ENDING]


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