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Tights Crisis: Mr. Strange-Tights-Love! Aimed Scarlet

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Scarlet is a female agent who perfectly completes her assignments. She is visited by Usui, a researcher at the International Scientific Textile Research Institute. Usui asks Scarlet to retrieve a case containing a military power suit that was stolen by terrorists. Scarlet gets the case back from the terrorists, but then Usui appears and says that this request itself was a trap to get Scarlet for himself. Usui takes out a pair of tights, sniffs them, and transforms into Dr. Denier. ”Let me take you to the luscious world of tights.” Denier attacks Scarlett. Scarlet fights, but Denier is perversely strong. Finally, Scarlet is beaten and captured by Denier. She feels the perverted tights blamed by Denier and even become incontinent. But Scarlet’s heart is not yet broken. Scarlet puts on the powered tights developed by Denier and takes on the final battle against him. However, there is a secret hidden in those tights… [BAD ENDING]


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