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Sailor Hermes 2: Shameful Corruption of Humiliation

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Sailor Hermes, who became Devil Hermes, attacked people as a demon tribe. As a reward, she devoured the demon king’s manhood while being lasciviously a demon. However, Devil Hermes, who increased her evil magical power by absorbing the human spirit, rebelled against the demon tribe and became the Devil Queen…The demon king has nowhere to go and has fallen into ruin, but his last demon subordinate announces the completion of a magical power absorption device! The Demon King succeeds in defeating Devil Hermes. But there was Sailor Hermes, the holy warrior whose evil soul was gone! Thus, Sailor Hermes fights the demon tribe, but an unexpected situation arises. And once again, Sailor Hermes was sexually toyed by the demon kings and disfigured…[BAD ENDING]


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