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Ranger Heroine Bloodsucking-Evilize: Herios Knights

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Herios Knights fights against the evil organization Youma Empire. Hina Kenzaki, also known as Herios Yellow, heads to her favorite beauty salon to relieve her fatigue from the battle. There, she hears a woman’s screams and rushes over, but what she finds there is a rotting mummy. At that moment, Hina senses another presence behind her and attacks her with her back fist. Vampir, a staff member of the Youma Empire, appears. Hina is caught off guard and sees Vampir’s suspiciously glowing eyes. As soon as she did so, Hina hung her arms loosely and stood there in a daze. She is charmed by Vampir’s enchanting power, and before she can resist, she is sucked her blood. Chisato Asahina (also known as Herios White) and Keisuke Kusakabe (also known as Herios Red) are worried about Hina, whose behavior has become strange since that day. Vampir’s power of blood-sucking and charm approaches them… Will Herios Knights be able to defeat Vampir and crush the ambitions of the Youma Empire? [BAD ENDING]


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