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Pink Luxe fights against the underground empire Joob. A subterranean magical beast, Grondoklar, appears in front of Pink Luxe as she defeats the joob combatants. Pink Luxe is outnumbered by the strength of Grondoklar. She is in desperate straits but never gives up on victory, saying that our mission as Luxe Mans’ is to protect people. At that moment, Grondoklar leaves for some reason. Pink Luxe was stunned. Suddenly, Joob combatants attacked Pink Luxe. A man appears to help Pink Luxe, who is unable to fight as much as she would like due to the damage from the battle with Grondoklar. The man who defeats the combatants one after another calls himself ”Hikaru”. Pink Luxe is gradually attracted to Hikaru, who rescued her knowing she is a Luxe Man member. What is Hikaru’s true identity…? And what will be the fate of the Pink Luxe…? [BAD ENDING]


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