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Heroine and Lewd Tentacle Insect: Pleasure Corruption of Superlady

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Superlady (Shizuka Yoshioka) is a superheroine who keeps the peace in Augus. Normally, she worked as a reporter for Metroview, but when incidents occurred, she fights evil. One day, the evil organization Guernica plans to turn the Superlady into sexually dominant using a lewd insect cultivated with the G virus, a biological weapon. The lewd insect enters Superlady’s pubic region, enlarges the hypothalamus, and expels a poison that stimulates the pleasure center, making her sensitivity sensitive. Then, grown lewd insect toyed Superlady with its tentacles and extra-thick penis…. To finish off, the combatants decide to return the favor by thrusting their thick dicks all over the Superlady! [BAD ENDING]


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