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Beautiful Mask Aurora -Lamp genie Ahern & Dr. H’son the pervert-

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Aiko Uemachi transforms into a ”Beautiful Mask Aurora” with the power given to her by God and fights brilliantly to keep the peace in her town! Meanwhile, Dr. H’son, who has been thwarted in his many evil deceptions by Aurora, is granted three wishes by the demon Ahern, who pops out of a lamp he purchased on the black market! Ahern confronted to Aurora and he magically takes her underwear and plays with it! Then, in a show of force, Aurora was taken away and given sexual pleasure by H’son to convert the pleasure into a magical extract! Aurora, bewildered by her first stimulation, raises her pleasure quotient and experiences climax! H’son wants to give Ahern the magical extract he took from Aurora, so he can make unlimited wishes come true! Will Aurora be able to stop H’son’s plot? [BAD ENDING]


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