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Heroine Surrenders – Wonder Lady

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Linna as the Wonder-Lady is a proper successor to the throne of the Kingdom of Amazonia, and has gone out to Japan to perfect her skill in martial arts in order to see life widely. And now she takes an active role as an investigator while making the most use of the hard-ass flesh and power. But one day a suspicious man named Layzer appears and aims at the Wonder-Lady. Actually, his ancestors once plotted to dominate the Kingdom of Amazonia, but the whole family and the followers were all expelled. Now Layzer heads a marvelous-strength man Gulda(means plot together in Japanese sound) who’s been given the Human-Body-Strengthening Chemicals, and attacks the Wonder-Lady, in order to strip off the brooch which the Wonder-Lady has been given as the evidence of the successor by the king! Now, the Wonder-Lady is taken by surprise and beaten up by Gulda. And her sense of pain is subtilized with chemicals which have been coincidentally generated in the process of development of the Human-Body-Strengthening Chemicals, so that she can’t show either of the unborrowed toughness or power, and then she is fully tormented. Layzer, who tries to submit the Wonder-Lady and to strip off the brooch, attaches a special machine to her and begins torture which alternately gives pleasure and pain to the flesh. Various images are sent into the Wonder-Lady’s nerve, and she is thrown into confusion between sexual desire and pain… But she keeps rejecting to put the brooch in Layzer’s hand because of pride of the successor to the throne. Well, is it possible for the Wonder-Lady to knock down the treason person of the Kingdom? Mind and body is gradually driven beyond the capacity… [BAD END]


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