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Fighter of the Sun LeonaⅡ Threatening! 3 Fantasy Monsters: Vol.1

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Leona the upcoming enemies are characters from a Japanese fairy tale created by a cursed picture book author, who become demons and rampage with evil powers and weapons! The demons of the world of creation became a threat to Leona! Leona knows that she must be defeated, no matter what the cost. The biggest and craziest battle in history looms over Leona! An evil curse turns the battlefield into a bad place for Leona…An electric current strikes the floor! The biting fangs of the dog and the poison water made Leona’s body suffer and rendered her incapable of fighting…Leona, who was the strongest, is now drowned in poisoned water, unconscious and defeated! Will Leona die out like this? Madness fills the darkness of the hearts of those she has protected…


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