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HEROINE SEXY PINCH: Super Kunoichi Class KAZE Chapter Red

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Aka-Kaze, who was deeply wounded in the previous battle, was still in a state of unconsciousness. Instead of Aka-Kaze, Ao-Kaze single-handedly challenges Buglian to a battle and tries to save Kuro-Kaze, their leader of them. However, Kuro-Kaze is completely taken over by the Buglian in her body and attacked Ao-Kaze! Then, Ao-Kaze was parasitized by Buglian larvae, and she was also controlled by Buglian. After regaining consciousness, AKa-Kaze challenges Buglian to a fight to save her colleagues, but Rather than enjoy hurting Aka-Kaze, King Buglian attacks her in various ways, trying to observe her and discover how much damage she takes from attacks and how quickly it recovers. Will Aka-Kaze be able to rescue her colleagues?


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