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HEROINE ACTION PINCH: Ninja Special Agent Justy Wind

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The three Kunoichi, Ninja Special Search Justy Wind, fight daily to save the world from the clutches of evil monsters that threaten the peace. Then one day, the evil monsters begin a terrifying plan. Before White Wind and Blue Wind, the evil monster army’s lower-monster squads suddenly attacked them…The two Shinobis challenge the lower demon forces to a battle, but it is a diversionary tactic, and the evil monster army’s goal is to defeat Red Wind alone with the three evil demons, Gasha-skull, Tsuchi -spider, and Nuri-wall! Red Wind challenges the battle by herself but is defeated and captured by the combined attack of the three monsters. Meanwhile, Blue Wind is missing after a suicide bombing attack by the lower monster squad, and White Wind left alone, is left to fight alone. Will Justy Winds be able to escape this desperate predicament?


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