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Burning Action Super Heroine Chronicles – Woman space detective Alice

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In order to correspond to space crimes which occur frequently, the Space Detectives Organization makes a decision to omit the investigation on the earth in which civilization is behind. However, a female space detective named Alice solely goes to save the earth because she doesn’t wish that the earth would be followed the same fate as a star where she was born. And also Alice gets to know that a space crime organization called the Akuu(means Bad), which ruined her mother star named the Seaing, has been aiming at the earth, and she makes up her mind to keep protection on the earth anew. But contrary to her will, the foe’s commander Helga exercises a certain plan in order to kill such a heroine Alice who prevents the plan of the Akuu. Blood-Sucking homicides are happening frequently on the earth, and while she is patrolling, she finds a monster named Camula and chases it but Alice miss it. But instead, Alice accidentally meets Sara who is a childhood friend born in a same star, the Seaing. Alice is so surprised and talks to Sara, but she has lost her memory. Alice brings Sara into her room and nurses her. Although Sara begins to regain her memory gradually― A female detective Alice is forced to fight while she holds conflict and handicaps. Fists of fury of Alice explodes against the crime organization which ruins stars!


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