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A female assassin named Jun has been captured and bounded by an assassination organization ”YAIBA.” They have stripped her clothes and made her exposed the shameful underwear figure, giving her torture… Jun faints in agony because she’s electrocuted through her flesh while she’s choked, but she never tells them secrets of the female assassins ”SHINOBI” even though she sheds tears… Actually, a controller of the foe’s assassination organization is an investigator, Haruna’s boss. Haruna has suffered disgrace for committing crimes. In order to prove her innocence, Haruna has decided to fight against the foe’s assassination organization… And with another girl named Kyouka, Haruna goes to rescue Jun who has been tortured. However, when the foe’s controller see them, the person starts talking about a causal relationship between a female investigator Haruna and death of Jun’s older sister… Before Jun hears about it, She’s about to trust the investigator Haruna, who once tried to arrest her and Kyouka, but the controller’s talk starts deepening the split between Jun and Haruna. The controller takes advantage of it and succeeds in binding all three girls, Kyouka, Jun and Haruna… Three girls are given torture that is considered as a serious ganging up, and they’re about to be terminated. But Kyouka succeeds in escaping by the skin of her teeth because somehow with a scalpel, Kyouka rips ropes bounded her… Kyouka decided to revenge herself on her killed fellows, and the killing techniques of female assassins explode in the darkness…


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