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White Holy Warrior – Cure Angel CURE:02(Vol.2)

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Cure Moon has been captured by Imph, a cadre of Sickers, the evil mutant corps. With a volume of dark virus injected into her body by a machine, she has a dream of Yu under pain. In the dream, Yu is smiling an angel’s smile, so brilliant and invigorating. The moment Cure Moon remembers Yu’s face, she is determined to put up with the pain but is hurt severely by Malaria, a mutant of mosquitoes. Then, Yu comes in for help and transforms into Cure Earth and converts Cure Moon’s physical pains into herself. Encouraged by Cure Earth’s self-sacrifice, trying to save her, Cure Moon recovers her fighting spirits to confront and beats Malaria successfully. With senior mutants felled one by one, frustrated Imph turns to Great Satan of Sickers for power, who empowers and beefs up Imph into a viciously powerful entity. Imph, in fact, is a daughter of Dr. Morimoto who has created Cure Angels. Cure Angels now learn the secret, but Imph pounces upon them without inhibition!


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