WHVD-04 (Special Bonus Behind The Scenes)

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Super Heroine Violence – Beautiful Sailor Windy [Rated-15]

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After the battle with the resurgent Great Satan Gomer, Sailor Warrior nears the end of her life… But, Sailor Warrior has the last mystic weapon to keep fighting with. Her name is Sailor Windy, and she faces a gang of sinister fighters of the Great Satan all alone. Her gallant fighting skills are so formidable as to surprise even the Great Satan. Maggiora, a former Sailor warrior who sold her soul to the Great Satan to get the dark power, successfully lures Sailor Windy out to a dead planet located in the far end of the universe. On the dead planet awaits the Great Satan Gomer, aiming to snatch the planet force that gives Sailor Windy the mystic power. Sailor Windy gets cornered gradually in the battle with the Great Satan Gomer and Maggiora. With the Sailor Crystal broach destructed, Sailor Windy’s fighting power wanes dramatically, and her costume gets ripped away in tatters. Strangled and beat brutally, her will power to keep the secret lessens farther down. Trying to save the secret, Sailor Windy mits suicide, but she is prevented by the Great Satan from ending her own life. Soon, her spirits give in and Sailor Windy lets her planet force secret known to the Great Satan. [Bad ending]


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