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A female ninja Cobra (Keiko Sawaguchi) is usually a female teacher. In the past, she was altered by the evil secret society Inferno and fused with the DNA of a snake, becoming a female ninja with superhuman fighting strength. Keiko escapes before she is brainwashed, and fights evil as the righteous female ninja, Cobra…One day, a secret government agency, having discovered the location of Professor Zark, the evil scientist of Inferno, decides to ask Cobra to assassinate him. Cobra finally catches up with Zark, then Cobra fights with Momokage, Zark’s bouncer, and defeats Momokage after a mortal struggle. However, they use the hostages as shields, Cobra falls into the hands of the enemy. Then, Zark, who knows Cobra’s body well, gives her pleasure training… [BAD ENDING]


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