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Super Heroine in a Close Call!! Vol.99: Magnaman, Broken Magna-ring! Untransformable Pink Got Attacked by The Evil Hand

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Magna Man rescues a man who is being attacked and fights with Gerlian imperial combatants. Red and Blue chase after the fleeing combatants. Magna Pink protects a person who was attacked and injured. But then a monster from the Gerlian Empire appears. Magna Pink fights valiantly, but she is outnumbered and captured by the monsters. Commander Zorgan, a senior official of the Gerlian Empire, tries to get the location of the base from Magna Pink. But Magna Pink, who won’t talk. The Zorgan commander intentionally lets Magna Pink, who is struggling to hold on despite being battered and bruised, escape and tries to find the location of the base. Magna Pink realizes the enemy’s trickery and fights the monster again, but…What will be the fate of Magna Pink? [HAPPY ENDING]


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