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Masumi is a married woman who is frustrated by the lack of sex with her husband. With a strong sense of justice and aspirations to be a heroine of justice, she calls herself Masked Mrs., a married woman, and fights to bring down sex maniacs and other villains who are the enemy of women. Although she is called Masked Mrs., a heroine of justice, in reality, Masumi is just a married woman who attracts her enemies with her sexy costumes, lures them into letting their guard down, and then attacks them with her thighs, kicking their genitals and making them writhe in agony, somehow managing to defeat them. One day, Masked Mrs.’s sworn enemy, Hamehara, who once played a prank on her and taught her the joys of immorality, appears before her. Masked Mrs. fights Hamehara’s minions as they attack her, but…[BAD END]


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