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Mach Ranger: Targeted Fully Ripe Mach Pink’s Dark Side Fallen

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Manami Sakura is the only female member of the Mach Ranger who defeated the commander of the evil organization Death Rain. 20 years have passed since then, and she has retired from the front lines and now spends her days as an aide to the president, but at the request of Mach Red, she returns to active duty for just one day to complete the mission of wiping out the remnants. However, it was a plan to revive Death Rain that had been carefully planned for 20 years… Mach Pink, who went to rescue the young warrior Mach Blue, was defeated by the suicide bomber monster Gorgon and taken away to their hideout. Mach Pink plays with her ripe body. She has fully matured as a woman and her hidden lust is ignited. She squirts a ripe orgasm, and she becomes dazed and brainwashed into becoming Death Rain’s servant. Then, the magically disguised Mach Pink appears in front of Mach Blue and the others and defeats them with overwhelming power, making them prey to her lust. The woman who devoured their fresh semen laughed seductively… [BAD END]


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