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Asuna the Battle Goddess: Battle Goddess’s Completely Defeat

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Asuna Shindou, the modern goddess of battle who fights to exterminate demons, transforms into the fighting angel Asuna and fights! Asuna borrows the power of her goddess, all her physical abilities improve. Each time she receives damage to her body and mind in battle, damage power accumulates and she activates her special skill, Psychic Attack, to defeat her enemies. However, her accumulated damage power has a weakness that resets when she passes out or ascends to heaven… When the witch notices this, Asuna is cornered and defeated using her weak joint technique! The evil witch, who once suffered a painful defeat by Asuna, orders her subordinates to attack Asuna and sexually attack her with her terrifying desire for revenge! Asuna squirts out a shameful climax in the acme hell of sexual blame and writhes in agony as the damaged power she has accumulated is reset…The power of the goddess gives Asuna a new technique and defeats the witch. However, in the end, her transformation is broken and she is sexually toyed by a lower-class demon…[BAD ENDING]


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