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Chargeman Charge Mermaid: Great Evil Invasion! Mermaid Fighter’s First Battle

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An alien fighter from the Gorua Star Cluster suddenly appears in front of Nanami Aoi, who was selected as a member and underwent harsh special training. During the fight, Nanami Aoi receives the power of Gaia Force and transforms into a Charge Mermaid. She manages to fight off the combatants, but the powerful Gorua beast Gobuu appears and finds herself in a predicament. She joins forces with her colleagues who have also received the power of Gaia Force and defeats the Gorua beast Gobu. Comrades pursuing enemy commander Mahames. Nanami was visiting her commander, so they were delayed in meeting up with her, and by the time she arrived, her colleagues had been annihilated by the new Gorua beast Danda. She tries to fight back with an angry transformation, but… [BAD ENDING]


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