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Showa Era Heroine’s Great Pinch: Shishiou-maru and Shiori the Ninja

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The story of Shiori, a female ninja who protects peace in Japan along with Shishiou-maru. The evil group Ghoston becomes even more ferocious and begins to hurt and torment Shiori. However, Shishiou-maru defeated Ghoston’s monster. However, both Shiori and Shishiomaru are defeated by the electric demon’s sneaky tactics. Ghoston’s true identity is an alien from far away in space. Ghoston falls in love with Shiori’s well-developed body and her strong spirit, and trains her sexually to make her his servant…! Shiori feels her humiliation and is subjected to orgasm hell at the same time as her incontinence! ”Help me, Shishiomaru-sama! I can’t hold on anymore…” The female ninja Shiori’s heartbreaking cries of acme echoed… [BAD ENDING]


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