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Accel Girl was targeted by Ganos, the Great King of Destruction! Because Accel Girl’s power was needed to wipe out half of the increased human population… However, there was no way Accel Girl would give up on such a terrifying plan! Ganos orders his subordinate, Dr. Libito, to reveal Accel Girl’s secret and capture her. Accel Girl, who was taken hostage and defeated, begins to be trained by sexual blame! Accel Girl’s genitals and sensitive breasts are toyed with, and her spirit and body corrups as she squirts and cums. She begins to follow Ganos’s orders and seduces him in a lewd manner, but this is a once-in-a-lifetime chance for a reversal. but! In this way, the Great King of Destruction Ganos was defeated, but Accel Girl was sexually blamed and the aftereffects of sex addiction remained… [BAD ENDING]


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