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Evil Female Cadre’s Holy Switching! Gerbera Falls Into a Justice

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Gerbera is a female executive of the evil organization Poison who defeated the hero of Justice Red. Gerbera absorbs the hero’s power into her own body instead of passing it on to Emperor Gohbura, the leader of Poison. Then, Gerbera’s body shines white and she becomes White Gerbera, a female warrior of justice! White Gerbera fights against Poison for justice and defeats combatants and monsters one after another. Enraged by Gerbera’s betrayal, Emperor Gohbura decides to take back Gerbera’s justice power. Gerbera is helplessly defeated in front of Emperor Gohbura’s overwhelming power. She was captured by Emperor Gohbura and punished as a traitor. [BAD ENDING]


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