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Sailor Freesia VS Terrifying Brainwashing Smoke Monster Smokis

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The brainwashing smoke monster Smokis appears before Sailor Freesia, a beautiful girl warrior who defeats demons! Sailor Freesia fights desperately but takes damage…The monster, with its hideous lump of flesh body, spewed evil cigarette smoke and tried to brainwash Sailor Freesia into doing Smokis’ bidding. Smokis held Sailor Freesia down, probed her sexual zones, found her G-spots, stimulated her, and gradually brainwashed her by spewing her with brainwashing fumes…Sailor Freesia tries desperately not to be brainwashed, but she is defeated by the forceful sexual blaming and turns into a vicious bitchy gal witch, laughing as she devours men’s sperm… [BAD ENDING]


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