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A private military company created Cheer V, a mass-production unit of Cheerleaders! Codename ZERO, born of genetic manipulation, is a newcomer but strong and is shunned by the other members for her elitist attitude and quiet, unsociable personality. But ZERO, who disrupts teamwork and acts arbitrarily on her own, was born with male genitalia in her crotch as a result of genetic manipulation! ZERO ejaculates repeatedly after masturbation due to unbearable sexual urges. The secret is then revealed to Prome, a senior who has been shunning her. Prome takes measurements of ZERO’s body under the guise of a Cheer Knights’ annual event. And her hand went to ZERO’s male organ, which was erect in her pants…Prome stimulates ZERO’s male organ with a lot of stimulation after her secret is known until finally, she makes ZERO look so disgusting with continuous ejaculation after handjob? And ZERO is used as a sex toy by Prome and is dominated by pleasure… [BAD ENDING]


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