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Heroine The Endurance: A Heroine Who Endures is Beautiful, Sailor Flare

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Mikoto Enbu fights demons by transforming into Sailor Flare. This work records the hardships that befell Flare and how she endured them during her battle with the demon witch Meadow and her minions, the female cadre Gorua, the female demon Jarrah, and the demon Kiel. ”Fighting to hold back the urge to urinate.” Flare had to urinate during the battle. Meadow catches her, attacks her bladder, and stimulates her urethra. ”Fighting through the pain of a thigh wound.” Flare with a thigh injury from a poisonous ray. The demons concentrate their attacks on her thigh. ”Endure intense interrogation.” Flare is defeated by a demon, taken prisoner, and subjected to intense interrogation by Gorua. Can she continue to endure more pain inflicted on her wounded body? ”Enduring Insect Hell” After enduring the pain, Flair is restrained to a stand and subjected to insect interrogation. Flare faints in agony at the grossness of the insects crawling all over her body. In addition, Meadow puts insects inside Flare’s suit. ”Endure tickling interrogation” The next blame is tickling. Meadow and Gorua’s fingers and tongues tickle Flare’s armpits and soles. Flare faints in agony from a pain she has never experienced before. ”Fighting with pleasure” Meadow and her team intentionally let Flare escape and planted a special rotor in her crotch. In front of her brother, who has been taken hostage, Flare fights with pleasure. ”Endure coming before her brother” Flare was defeated and captured again. Meadow plays Flare’s body with a dildo in front of her brother’s eyes. She then tells Flare that if she comes five times, her brother will be dead… Can Flare be endured without coming? [BAD ENDING]


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