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Sailor Heroine -Womb Tattoo, Erosion, and Chain Fall [Erosion Special]

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Momoka, also known as Sailor Aqua, and Yuuka, also known as Sailor Volcano, who are the brains of the sailor heroines, were corrupted by the demon Camerada and became Evil Aqua and Dark Volcano. As a result of the two’s secret maneuvers, her best friend Sailor Yupiter also falls into the hands of evil, while one girl awakens as the strongest sailor heroine due to a twist of fate. Her name is Sailor Astaroth. Karin, also known as Sailor Astaroth, happens to meet Sailor Aqua and Sailor Volcano and become friends with them, but…Betrayed by her best friend and even her own body, she falls head over heels as if the strings of her heart have been torn. What will be the fate of Sailor Astaroth? [BAD ENDING]


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