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Bird Fighter: Mio the White Crane Completely Visible Panty Hell -Regret of Forgetting Knickers

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Mio, the only female Bird Fighter, misses a high kick during Spacer’s combatant Suzuki’s special attack and Mio’s underwear is seen! Suzuki somehow increases her power and corners Mio, devouring her beautiful body, but it turns out that Mio’s underwear, which she thought were panties, were underwear. Mio uses a bomb shuriken to give Suzuki a huge come-from-behind victory. Another day, while in the shower, Mio receives news of Spacer’s attack and forgets to put on her underwear in a hurry. By the time she realized this, it was already too late, and Suzuki, who had seen Mio’s panty shots during the fight, once again gained more power and blamed Mio! Mio transforms into a bird fighter, but unlike a suit, her underskirt is equipment that cannot be transferred, so her only underwear is panties! Mio is in a big pinch because she unfortunately forgot to wear an underskirt! How will the battle turn out? [HAPPY ENDING]


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