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The battle between Jain, an evil organization that plans to invade the earth, and Saint Force, a righteous squadron that tries to stop them, is fierce, but thanks to the efforts of Saint Force, peace on earth is barely maintained. When the invasion made no headway, Jain dispatched a new female executive, Inveanne, to Earth to break the deadlock. Female executive Inveanne has outstanding style and wears a bondage-style leather leotard, knee-high boots, and long gloves. Her long, shiny black hair is pulled back in a ponytail with a hair clip decorated with Jain’s emblem, and her nipples are pierced with a mysterious glow. Her target is the female member, Saint Pink. Saint Pink was engulfed in a wave of pleasure as her ego collapsed under the horrifying and bewitching attack she had never experienced before… [BAD ENDING]


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