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Obscene Things Approval Heroine Wonder Celene

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Atsuko Kagami is a female teacher in Treasure School, and stealthily she fights against evils as a savior named Wonder Selene. A manitou-man named Gorma hates the very sight of Selene, and now Gorma employs an evil magician named Samantha, and plots to entrap Wonder Selene. Samantha begins with manipulating students of Treasure School. She makes a boy gang called Dirty-Child to commit excesses as much as possible. And the evil clutches are also about to reach students of Atsuko! On the other hand, Atsuko’s student named Shota guesses that Atsuko’s true character is Wonder-Selene, so one day after school, he calls Atsuko and they go to storage of a gymnasium. Atsuko confesses all the fact and determines her mind to devote both mind and body to Shota to accept all his wishes, but Dirty-Child appear there, and they witness Atsuko’s obscene acts. Well, is Wonder-Selene going to be disgraced by the students who are manipulated![BAD END]


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