GHPM-41 Tied Up Heroine –Wonder Lady

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Tied Up Heroine –Wonder Lady

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Even a heroine of justice wants to hop on to a man… But Wonder Lady just didn’t have time to do so… Every day and night, she must stop the villains but she thinks of something bad… In a notorious tavern at Planet Gezerute…. ‘Visit the Virtual Masturbation Club. Many enthusiastic fans visit there because the virtual experience is extremely realistic for a cheap price.’ Wonder Lady listens to them talking. A justice heroine should never step into such a place but she cannot stop stepping forward. Strangely, the owner of the shop, Puppet Master, is very friendly to the sexy heroine. Wonder Lady has no clue about what awaits her behind them doors. ‘These are just dreams. Let them do whatever.’ Wonder Lady enjoys the virtual pleasure but soon her private life changes. If she keeps visiting the store, she will most definitely breakdown! But it was too late for the beautiful heroine… Wonder Lady is tied up and the men from the virtual world become real. The heroine falls to the dark side and squirts like a whale! [BAD END]


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