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Super Heroine Rangers in Grave Danger: Heroine Hunting! Targeted Four Squadron Heroines

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Shield Pink, a female warrior from Shield Five, is enveloped in a suspicious light and disappears during a battle with Dead Dark combatants. Then there is Soldier Yellow, an SPS member of the Space Police who, like Shield Pink, is enveloped in a suspicious light and disappears. Shield Pink and Soldier Yellow woke up in a strange place. At that moment, Wild White, a female warrior from Wild Ranger, who was taken to this place just like them, attacks them. ”What is the purpose of bringing me here?” Wild White thought Pink and Yellow were the enemy and attacked them! The three of them are on the offensive. Wild White, however, gradually regains her composure. Then Kage Blue of the Kageranger, who was also taken to this place, appears. The four joined forces to find those who took them to this place. At that moment, monsters appear to attack the four squadron heroines. The battle begins. The squadron heroines gradually scatter. They fight valiantly but struggle against the strength of the monsters. Will the four squadron heroines be able to defeat the monsters and return to their original world? [BAD ENDING]


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