GHKQ-40 Wonder Lady Complete Conquest

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Wonder Lady Complete Conquest

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In the previous movie, Wonder Lady shamefully became a decoration of the gate. This story starts several months later from that time. WL thoroughly trains her own nipples in the galaxy bar. So, her nipples are not weak point for her any more. Then a little girl alien appears before her. The little girl called herself Minerva and tells WL surprising truth. “I released your hardening.” She represents herself as a shaman. She has the last card. Minerva uses her spell to completely defeat WL. When WL wakes up, she notices there is the male sex organ on her crotch. She surprises her own gigantic penis. “Is this ejaculation?” She experiences masturbation as a man for the first time. Something is crushed inside of her. WL appears the galaxy bar again but she is a totally different person. Don’t lose Wonder Lady! You are not just a kinky cougar!! [BAD END]


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