CGBD-37 (Special Bonus Behind The Scenes)

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Gravure Idol Overcoming Crises! – Codename Minerva Neo : Cold Blood Hitodeisma

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Though severely wounded and quite exhausted, she is helped by her friend and police detective Sawajiri, and starts to reveal everything…. And she has to free the brainwashed beautiful girl Rei Mitsuki, who has the supernatural power called Force, from the clutches of evil. Now brainwashed Rei confronts Hina together with a starfish monster Hitodeisma, and she attacks Hina using evil Force that strangles her neck, and electric shocks that hit her injured left breast. Hitodeisma’s starfish attack blinds her with the monster’s starfishes sticking to her face mask, and the cunning monster Hitodeisma beats up Hina / Minerva, delighting in his sneaky attack on her…. Minerva passes out, is captured and brought to the lair of the organization, and she is tortured by the enemy who wants information about MISS or The Mystic Integral Secret Service (hidden perfect secret service). Hitodeisma shrinks himself to microscopic size, enters her body through the mouth and becomes a parasite torturing her from inside. Hina’s trained body starts to twitch, as she is almost driven crazy because of the unbearable pains that are more than her body can take…. In the meanwhile, hearing the cry of tortured Hina, Rei still doesn’t know what to do, wavering between good and evil. Hina Kyujo is in great peril now, and the only one who can save her is Rei, or the last remnants of her conscience….


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