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Idol Action Battle – LADY DOGS

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Asami Ohsawa and Yukimi Yoshioka, both members of the Special Investigation Squad, have a nick name: Lady Dogs. It was dubbed by the criminals they arrested. A man is sneaking up on them. His name is Reiichi Tanabe, looking cool and nice. But, he is the boss of a shady group which wouldn’t shy away from assassinating people for money. Reiichi accosts Yukimi, who asks ”Are you OK with me?” and Reiichi answers ”It’s you I want.” Enchanted, Yukimi is mere shell of a girl. Meanwhile, a black shadow is closing in on Asami. With her relation with Yukimi now broken, Asami starts looking into Reiichi’s affairs and discovers his true character. Asami questions ”You’ve got an eye on Yukimi, haven’t you?” and Reiichi responds ”You’re wrong. My target is Asami Osawa”, baffling Asami aghast. Will Lady Dogs come back to life again?


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